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August 30, 2018

BCC Issues Final Order Denying Pilot Travel Centers’
Proposed Truck Stop

In a thorough and well-reasoned order filed on August 28, 2018, the Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) denied in part the conceptual-plan application of Pilot Travel Centers, LLC, and Exit 278, LLC, to build a truck stop and other facilities at the intersection of NM Highway 14 and I-25. (Exit 278, LLC, is the local entity that owns the property.) 

The 48-page order made final the decision the BCC announced at its May 8, 2018 hearing on the application. Specifically, the BCC denied the part of the application that proposed certain truck-stop uses, but it approved in concept the remaining proposed uses, including: a gas station, convenience store, and three fast-food restaurants. The BCC also approved two additional development phases in the application, including two hotels and a restaurant, all of which would require further submissions and approvals.  Currently, there are no specific plans to develop these phases.

 The BCC’s decision is based on two primary determinations.  First, the proposed “truck stop uses” are not materially similar to any allowed land use.  Second, the proposed truck stop is inconsistent with the County’s Sustainable Growth Management Plan and the Community College District Plan.

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Feb 23, 2018

GOOD NEWS...the Sandoval County Commission voted against moving both the Heil and the Stoddard ordinance forward at the Dec. 14th, 2017 commission meeting! It was a victory for all the groups opposed to these weak attempts for a new county ordinance.

The meeting room was packed with "overflow" citizens watching on monitors in the downstairs lobby.  There was a lot of public outcry directed at the Chair Don Chapman, and other commissioners as well.

Pushback also came from Commissioners Block and Holden-Rhodes and from the citizens in attendance that were visibly and audibly angry.  Commissioners Block and Holden-Rhodes both opposed Chapman's views vigorously about substantive issues, and there were many presentations in opposition by the People.

The efforts of citizens group calling, emailing, LTEs, public testimonies, lobbying, and public forums are proof that given enough pushback and perseverance, change can happen in the best interest of the public. The work done by tribal leadership, the pueblos, and organizing work from Pueblo Action Alliance, Dine-Pueblo Solidarity, and the Red Nation made a huge impact. Collectively, the people accomplished something that at first appeared impossible.

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