Hamaatsa is a Native-led nonprofit organization — an indigenous continuum and story gathering place that offers story camps for leaders, spiritual retreats and hands-on experiences at its off grid sustainable living farm. Founded by Larry and Deborah Littlebird, their mission is committed to simple regenerative living informed by indigenous land wisdom and cultural life ways. Hamaatsa is located on 320 acres of environmentally protected aboriginal lands in the rolling foothills of the Ortiz Mountains.

 Tano Farm at Hamaatsa is named for the Arroyo de los Tanos, the watershed which originates in the Ortiz Mountains and runs through Hamaatsa.  Tano is also the name of an extinct Puebloan people group who lived in the nearby fertile Galisteo Basin for three centuries from 1250 until 1782 when they perished at the hands of the Spanish. The Tano people are direct ancestors of Larry Littlebird who is a Pueblo Indian from Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblo. The name Hamaatsa comes from a Keresan Pueblo word referring to a time arriving “now” within an indigenous experience, a time and a place to start over again.